The Nine Questions you should ask when looking for a tax consultant.

  1. Does your tax consultant really know your profession?

Marc Bernstein’s tax practice specializes in the entertainment industry with knowledge and expertise in over eighty theatre-related deductions. He believes in paying your fair share of taxes… but not a penny more!

  1. Is your tax consultant reachable and reliable?

Marc Bernstein has served the theatre community for over thirty-seven years. He is available not just during the tax season, but all year long for questions, advice and guidance including communications you may receive from the government regarding your tax situation.

  1. How valuable is your privacy?

Marc Bernstein insures both your privacy and security by utilizing state of the art practices to prepare your tax returns.

  1. Is accuracy and correctness important to you?

Marc Bernstein utilizes the most modern and well-respected professional tax software available in the industry. That, in concert with an elaborate system of checks and rechecks, gives you the confidence of submitting a sound and accurate return.

  1. What if your theatre company travelled to ten different states last year? Will that be a problem?

Not for Marc Bernstein. Services include preparation of both Federal and all required state returns (including each reciprocal state credit).

  1. You haven’t filed income taxes for several years. What can be done about that?

Marc Bernstein can help you get current with any previous year tax filings.

  1. What about all those credits you may be eligible for?

Marc Bernstein will consider each and every one including the Earned Income Credit, Resident and Foreign Tax Credits, American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Education Credits, Child Tax Credit, and the Credit for Child and Dependent Care.

  1. Are convenience and flexibility in scheduling important to you?

We offer an array of methods to get your taxes done. From personal “in person” appointments, to drop-off or mail-in services, the Bernstein office will do everything it can to accommodate your scheduling needs including Saturday appointments. We know very well that an actor’s schedule is subject to last minute changes. We will make every effort to adjust our schedule to meet yours.

  1. How about the cost of such a service?

Rates for tax preparation are both affordable and reasonable. Quality of service is paramount for Marc Bernstein. The finished product assures the axiom that Marc has held for over thirty-seven years… A Good Tax Man Never Costs A Penny!