What are Actor’s Taxes?

Actor’s Taxes is a service provided to members of the vast entertainment industry for the preparation of income taxes. The Firms established by Mr. Bernstien over 20 years ago has extensive knowledge of the industry and its varied and wide-ranging deductions make him the professional that much of the theatrical community relies on for expert service and reliability.

Whether you are an actor, musician, writer, dancer, model or theatrical technician, Actors Taxes will tailor your tax returns to ensure that you secure as much of a refund as you are entitled to, taking advantage of each and every deduction, or if you owe, making sure that you pay only what is due the government and not one penny more.

We can work with you via U.S. mail, phone or email, or if you prefer, you can visit us in our office in one of our offices in NYC, LA or Las Vegas.

The author of the famous “Actors and Income Taxes” column in BACKSTAGE for over twenty years, Marc is considered, by many, the foremost authority of taxation for people in “the business.”

Why should you choose Actors Taxes to do your taxes? Here are nine reasons why